How to setup port forwarding on BT?

BT is one of the world's most trusted brands. When you join them, you're joining millions of other homes around the UK who already use BT for their home phone, internet and TV.

BT Home Hub 4 offers BT's most reliable wireless connection with dual-band technology which reduces wireless interference and drop out giving you our most reliable connection for all your devices. It is easy to set it up in just a few minutes, no CD or computer needed, it's all online and works on any device. Inside the BT Home Hub 4 router is BT's latest Broadband processor - the brains of your Hub. It allows you to pass information between connected devices quicker than ever.

If you want to setup port forwarding on your own, we suggest that you check the user guide of your router on the BT support site and the user guide of your application/device that you want to connect to.

The BT Support site:

In case you are having trouble setting up port forwarding or you just want a fast and secure configuration we have created three packages.

Get our DIY Toolkit (£8.99) if you want value for money and want to do the job yourself. Instant Phone Support (£24.99) is or you if you just want to relax and let our technicians resolve all the issues proficiently. Our skilled professionals can offer assistance to fix myriad of problems and set up port forwarding quickly and securely. If you want peace of mind and an unlimited service then select Unlimited VIP Support (£89.99).


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BT Routers we have setup Port Forwarding on:

  • BT Home Hub 4
  • BT Home Hub 3
  • BT Home Hub 2.0
  • BT Home Hub 1.5